Project Focused

Get Stuff Done (GSD) – substitute ‘Stuff’ with your favorite acronym. Every Project has a distinct beginning & end. We get that. We also get that Time, Money, & Resources aren’t infinite, they are finite. Our team has a very successful record that we are proud of – ask us.

Portfolio Management

Develop key processes to manage project priorities, dependencies & financial controls. Manage resources, assets, & procurement cycles through project management principles.

Program Management

Simply put, we can manage multiple projects under a common Program with a targeted common goal.

Project Management

Develop robust tracking, measuring, management, and controls while ushering in new process, technology, or change.

Work closely to understand the business culture and adapt model leveraging primary & secondary stakeholders. Navigate complex situations that require delicacy and negotiation to keep all parties aligned. Transparent reporting including clear risk mitigation strategies.

Business Analysis

Develop an approach to understand current state, controls utilized, and foundational elements that are missing. Reign in rogue spend, identifying key risks to the organization.

Understand technology debt and risk impact. Develop a standardized and uniform strategy to keep costs in check while at the same time addressing the needs of the organization. Leverage way to increase efficiency of organization through cost neutral approach.

Process Excellence

Develop multi-level process documents that include people, process, & technology. Provide a Strategic view that looks at any gaps & potential remediations. Provide a risk matrix outlining risks to the organization from doing things the way they have always been done.

Change management

Clarity through assessment of current state, stakeholder analysis, impacts & risks, duration of change, approach, and reporting. Multi-pronged approach to maximize success.

Varied framework (ADKAR, Lewin, McKinsey, Kotter, etc.) based on organizational culture. Operational considerations to ensure sustained change.


Why document? Any well run project will always document what they see & do because a project has a finite end.

The leave behind document, in whatever form, is evidence the team was there, why they were there, and what they accomplished. This means that any team coming later has a starting point and has a much greater chance of being successful – even if they aren’t superstars like the Make IT Work team!


The Owner’s Integrator (OI) is not only strategic but in tactical nature, makes sure the details are looked after. The OI ensures that the details line up to the vision, making sure that the design & philosophy of the owner is inherent through all activity. Some key samples areas include

  • Project Evaluation,Feasibility and Planning review
  • Contract reviews (non-legal)
  • Monitoring of Construction progress
  • Monitoring of equipment and material compliance with specifications
  • Engineering design and planning reviews
  • Schedule Analysis and Optimization
  • Equipment Commissioning and Verification Test
  • Operational and Maintenance Review
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • General reporting to owner on the basis of technical and business competence

The Result

We guarantee strong quality results. The success we guarantee is predictable results. No surprises when we deliver because we operate in a Transparent, Consistent fashion, with Governance controls that ensure full alignment.

“According to a research by KPMG in September 2018, an incredible 70% of organizations have suffered at least one project failure in the prior 12 months and 50% of respondents indicated that their project failed to consistently achieve what they set out to achieve. For organizations this means wasted resources, time, and efforts.” Can your organization afford a Project failure? If not, talk to us.”

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